Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magie Dominic/ Writing

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Langston Hughes Award for Poetry

Canadian Women's Studies Award
Book of the Year Award/ ForeWord Magazine
The Judy Grahn Non-Fiction Award.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
New School University Faculty Development Fund Grant
Dakota Foundation Grant
Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grant
Artists’ Fellowship Inc. Grant
Shaker Foundation Grant. 
The Shaker Foundation Grant
America the Beautiful Fund Grant


STREET ANGEL, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2014
   Nominated for Book of the Year Award/ ForeWord Magazine
  Received the Silver Medal from The Independent Publishers Book Awards

THE QUEEN OF PEACE ROOM, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2002
        Nominated for Canadian Women's Studies Award
        Nominated for Judy Grahn Award
        Nominated for  Book of the Year Award/ ForeWord Magazine.
BELLES LETTRES/BEAUTIFUL LETTERS, (co author) League Of Canadian Poets, 1994

H. M. KOUTOUKAS, Fast Books Press, 2010
ECO POETRY, League of Canadian Poets, 2009

Judged Pat Lowther Memorial Award; best book of poetry by Canadian woman writer, 2010
Judged Sheree Fitch Prize for Fiction: teen writers, Canada, 2008   
IMAGES AND WORDS, handmade chapbook, collection of Poet’s House, NYC.

The Slow Unfolding Of An Epiphany, EPIPHANIES, League of Canadian Poets, 2011
Compositions For Amazing Globe In Space, (non-fiction) League of Canadian Poets, 2010
My Father Who Art In Heaven, (non-fiction) Conscious Women, Conscious Relationships, White Knight Books, 2010
Margaret Atwood As Inspiration, (non-fiction) Inspiratrices, League of Canadian Poets, Spring 2009
Joe’s Gift To The World, Return to the Caffe Cino, Moving Finger Press, 2007
Mother and the Tree (non-fiction) Conscious Women, Conscious Mothers, White Knight Books, 2007
What is between the Tops of Trees, (poetry) Quiet Bashful Man, AB Collector Publishing, 2006
Terresa 36, (poetry) Universite De Montreal, 2004
Finding a Sense of Humor, Contemporary Verse 2, Vol. 18, MB, Summer 1996
Green Beans and The Blue Angel, (non-fiction) Pushing The Limits, Women's Press: Toronto 1996
Thin Slices From The Sixties, (non-fiction) Contemporary Verse 2, Vol. 19, MB, Summer 1996
Navy Pea Jacket, (non-fiction) Countering The Myths, Women's Press: Toronto, 1996
living in town and problems with money, (non-fiction) Contemporary Verse 2, Vol. 18, 1995
excerpts from “betrayal”, (non-fiction) Contemporary Verse 2, Vol. 17, 1995

Daily Prayer: Quaker Life, July, 2010
Once a Woman Finds Peace: Arms Like Ladders, League Of Canadian Poets, 2007
Daily Prayer: Prairie Journal, Issue 47, 2006
The Last I Saw Of You: No One Knows The Blood We Share, League of Canadian Poets, 2005
Transformation of a Soul: Prairie Journal, Issue 28, 1997
Sanctus, Sanctus: Prairie Journal, Issue 28, 1997
And We Will Sing: Prairie Journal, Issue 28, 1997
Starting Over: Pottersfield Portfolio, Vol. 17, Number 2, 1997
Vespers: Women’s Education des femmes, Vol. 12, Fall, 1996
dresser drawer: Prairie Journal, Issue 24, 1995
you were so bold: Prairie Journal, Issue 24, 1995
this poem 2: Prairie Journal, Issue 24, 1995
feminist letters (iv): Contemporary Verse 2, Vol.17, Summer 1994
notes from the cover: Arc Quarterly, Spring, 1994
this poem: Prairie Journal, Issue 20, 1993
Winter Will Come Again: New York Times, December, 1991
Winter Is Coming: New York Times, December, 1990

War In The World Alongside War In The Mind, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 22, 2002
Harnessing The Creation Of Morning, Village Voice, August 22, 2000
Old City Tree, Village Voice, June 6, 2000
No Relief, Village Voice, July 20, 1999
No One Decides To Be Destitute, Village Voice, June 1, 1999
Random Images, (prose/poem series) Woodstock Times, 1980-81

LIBRETTO: ALCHEMY: (final movement)  Visions of a Wounded Earth, composer Michael Horwood, world premiere, Sarnia, ON 1996. Eight Canadian writers contributed poetry for this work: Margaret Atwood, Donia Blumenfeld Clenman, Magie Dominic, Bernice Lever, Doris Hillis, John Steckley, James Strecker and Anne F. Walker.

 Alchemy (Adagietto), (Magie Dominic) The poem Alchemy is based on two expressions - the destruction of our wilderness, our waters, our sky, our planet - in essence - ourselves. The second half of Alchemy is an expression of compassion and hope - a door of gracious planetary healing through which we can walk together - we must walk together.

Choral Movement 9, Alchemy: finale, second elaboration of principal theme, measures 102 to 111 (of 134)

Review: "The final section, Toward Healing, rises in joyful harmony of choir and orchestra, over the beautiful poem, Alchemy, by Magie Dominic, written specifically for the symphony."